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Bar Brokerage & Consulting


   Buying and selling in the bar business doesn't have to be difficult. With the help of our highly established and qualified team, we have made buying & selling easy.

We are partnered with Bar Doctors, Inc., a bar brokerage and consulting firm. 

Bar Doctors was founded with the goal of providing a "one-stop" resource for all aspects of the hospitality industry. These services range from buying a business or liquor license to managing and marketing your business, insurance and accounting issues, security and training, defending citations or lawsuits, changes in business structure, and of course, selling your business or liquor license.  Just one call to Bar Doctors will put you in touch with experienced professionals who can help with any issue you may have related to the bar, restaurant, nightclub, hotel, beer distributorship, public venue, club, catering club, or any other PLCB-licensed enterprise. 

These are a few of the areas that Bar Doctors can handle for you:



Liquor Lawyers


Security Experts


Real Estate Agents




Insurance Agents


Marketing Strategists

Minor Identification Card Scanners

L&I (Code) violations

Insurance (Liquor Liability Coverage)

Accounting issues/Tax clearance

Litigation avoidance and defense

Buying and selling of businesses

Buying and selling of liquor licenses

Credit card processing

Security and surveillance issues

POS systems

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