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"Bill Morrin has represented my bar since 1995, when L&I head honcho, Frank
Antico, sent his henchmen to shut down the club. Antico was trying to close
every go-go bar in Philadelphia and his henchmen placed a "Cease and Desist"
sign on my door when I refused to play ball. As L&I was forcing my workers and
patrons out of the club to shut down my operation I called Bill and told him
what was happening and he told me to be in his office at 8:00am the following
day. At 9:00am we stood before Judge Russell Nigro, Bill argued his case and the
Judge told the attorney for L&I that they were wrong and told me to reopen the
club at once. Antico later went to prison! Since then, Bill has represented my
club for every licensing and zoning problem the city has thrown at me and helped
keep my club operating in the face of an ever increasing evil and money-hungry
city administration. He has appealed and won every violation and citation the
city has sent to my club. Recently, he has gone to bat for me in Common Pleas
Court after the zoning board failed to renew my variance and once again proved
to be an effective attorney by gaining my club a permanent license to operate
without ever having to beg the zoning board for a variance again. I will someday
retire and won't be needing Bill for Liquor Law or Zoning Law after I sell the
club so I'm hoping other bar owners will read this and give Bill their business
as I don't believe you can find a harder working sole practitioner attorney. I'm
still going to use Bill to represent me in any business and personal issues that
arise in the future."
Rich G.  Jack's Bar, Philadelphia.


"Bill has been representing me and a number of my corporations for 5 years.

He has represented me in the areas of liquor law, defense cases involving my

bar establishment, real estate transactions, business entity documentation,

trademarks,  contracts, and copyright infringement.  Hands down,  Bill is the

most effective, and cost effective, attorney I have ever dealt with.  He has excercised

exceptional bedside manner in dealing with my legal problems.  He understands

the emotional strain that his clients go through in some of these litigious circumstances.

Bill understands that a relationship with a client is for the long-term and not simply a

one-time transaction.  In all of my dealings with Bill he has negotiated the best

case scenario for me and my business.  Not only does he keep me out of

trouble and in line, Bill Morrin is my friend."  Adam S.  Business owner, Philadelphia.


"I have been Bill’s client for the past 20 years.  No matter what the legal situation that I needed to be resolved, Bill has been more than helpful. I have always relied on his experience and wisdom to guide me through the circumstances I have faced.  Bill has never let me down in any regard.  He has always been there for me through thick and thin.  His compassion is unmatched.  I feel he definitely puts himself in his client's shoes.  I have used Bill for all my legal needs, which covered a broad spectrum of issues, and he has never failed me. I would recommend Bill to anyone who is need of legal advice, no matter how big or small the issue is.  Bravo, Bill Morrin, thanks for being there!"  Joe E.  Businessman, Langhorne, PA.


"I hired Bill to get my liquor license approved, and like all approvals there is always something that pops up.  In my case there was more than just one.  At no time did I feel like Bill was not in total control, even when the PLCB agent was unsure.  In the end the approval was quick and all is well.  Not only have I used Bill again, but often, and I have grown to find out he handles a lot more than liquor licenses.  Steve Clark, Brickhouse Bar & Grille.



"Thank you very much Mr. Morrin for the help you provided me in the sale of my business.   You caught language in the paperwork they sent me that would have cost me a lot of money.  You made the buyer change the wording to protect my interests.  That attention to detail and the care with which you handled everything made me feel comfortable and confident.   Thanks again."

Kathleen A., Newtown Square, PA.

"My name is Adam Conley. I have known Mr. Morrin for quite a few years. I have come to know him as a very caring man with a

boat-load of intelligence, integrity, and understanding.  Bill recently handled the sale of my first home, and he got me out of my

existing lease so I could purchase my home.  If you need great legal representation, I'd recommend Mr. Morrin. If you need a good person, I'd recommend Bill:  My  legal, advisor, and my friend!"

Adam C. , New Home Owner, Philadelphia.


"Bill Morin has been my attorney since 2011. When I decided to purchase my bar in 2012, he worked diligently and aggressively to ensure that all matters related to licensing were handled in a timely and efficient manner. Mr. Morrin is thorough, prompt, and honest.  His handling of my case was more than professional.  His understanding of the licensing laws in PA, and at large is impeccable.  I would recommend him to any bar owner, business owner, family, friend or simply anyone in need of legal counsel."

Naimah H.  Cooper's Bar, Philadelphia.

"Bill is a hard worker.  He is honest, thorough and fair with his fee. I have used
Mr. Morrin for auto accidents, leases, bankruptcy advice, and starting my
corporation.  He is up to date and informative and has a manner that makes you
trust in him.  Very professional and effective."
Joe M, Business owner.

"Very knowledgeable and helpful when I sold my business. Knew all the right
questions to ask and put me in the best position during negotiations.  He is
honest and forthright and put me at ease.  I have used Mr. Morrin's services on a
number of occasions and have always been satisfied.  I would highly recommend
him."  Mike D, Philly business client.

"Mr. Morrin has been my attorney for many years. He has always been helpful &
reasonable.  Always down to earth & professional."
Ron B, Business client.

"I owned a huge bar for almost 7 years that I recently sold.  Bill was my
attorney throughout my ownership and handled countless lawsuits and other legal
matters.  Bill was always reliable and knew just how to handle each case as it
came about. And he always returns my calls and kept me in the loop throughout
the process. Bill is especially effective in liquor and litigation matters. When
it comes to liquor law he has seen it all, well almost, but when a new situation
presents itself his past experiences give Bill the knowledge to know just how to
figure out the best way to proceed. He also comes well prepared for all possible
outcomes.  Like the saying goes, Victory Loves Preparation! I would and do refer
him as often as I can for any legal issues, which always works out because if I
refer him a case and he feels may be a bit outside his expertise he has an
extensive rolodex of other dependable attorneys to refer you to, and I always
appreciated his honesty on those matters."  John S., Bar owner.

"Bill is a one of a kind lawyer. He is all the things you want in a lawyer and more.

Most people think all lawyers are excellent, well that's is not the case. But in Bill's

case he is, and better.  Couldn't ask for more. He is also well qualified in many many

areas of the law. 5 STARS!!!" Adam S, Bar owner.


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My husband's employer referred us to Bill Morrin to handle our nasty landlord-tenant dispute.  Our Landlord was trying to illegally evict us and our children.  When we arrived at Mr. Morrin's office we were nervous, stressed and overwhelmed with the circumstances that were ahead of us.  We were fearing our family would be on the streets.  We didn't know our tenant rights or PA laws.  We were greeted by Bill's lovely wife and assistant, Elizabeth, who greeted us professionally and treated us like we were one of their most important clients.  Bill met us promptly as promised during our phone conversation. He was sharp, swift and knew his stuff.  There was no doubt that we were in good hands.  Bill went over our lease looked over our evidence and informed us of our rights.  It turned out that everything our Landlord was trying to do was illegal and they did not possess a rental license for the property in which we were renting.   Bill took care of us, I mean he really took care of us .  He was very professional and really cared about our situation. Later that day after leaving his office I felt relief and was able to sleep that night without worrying about harrasement or retaliation and was also able to finally concentrate at work the next day.  Bill walked us through the steps we needed to take going forward and has protected us from our Landlord's schemes and intimidation tactics.  We are so grateful and more than satisfied for Bill's handling of our case.  I highly recommend his services and will call Bill anytime we have any legal issues or questions. Definitely a lawyer you want on your side.  So thankful to have meet him. There are no words to express how Mr. Bill Morrin has helped our family, he goes beyond professionalism.

Thank You,  Bill and Elizabeth!  Dex and April, Phila., PA


Things our clients have said about us...

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