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 Liquor licenses in Philadelphia and in all other counties have gone through the roof.

Licenses that were selling for $90,000 less than a year ago are now selling for up to $200,000. 

In some counties, licenses are selling for $500,000.00 and more!

If you have a license for sale, we can get you top dollar for it. 

If you are looking for a license, we can find one for you. 


If you need financing for the purchase of a license, we can find you a reputable lender.

Do you need financing to purchase a business or liquor license? 

Do you need a loan to pay taxes or to pay litigation expenses? 

We have relationships with a number of small, medium, and large-sized lenders who are willing to lend money to the restaurant/tavern and hospitality industry.  


Contact us to discuss your financing needs!

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