Notice:  Liquor licenses in Philadelphia and in all other counties

have gone through the roof!  Licenses which were selling for $90,000

less than a year ago are now selling for up to $200,000. 


In some counties licenses are selling for $500,000.00 and more!

If you have a license for sale, we can get you top dollar for it.  If you are

looking for a license, we can find one for you. 


If you need financing for the purchase

of a license, we can find you a reputable lender.

Do you need financing to purchase a business or liquor license? 

Do you need a loan to pay taxes or to pay litigation expenses? 

We have relationships with a number of small, medium and large sized

lenders who are willing to lend money to the restaurant/tavern and

hospitality industry.  Loans range from $10,000 to millions of dollars. 


Contact us to discuss your financing needs.


Some loans we have recently placed:


Bar loan:  $150,000.00

Loan for bar and real estate:  $1,200,000.00

Vendor loan:  $60,000.00

Bar loan for taxes:  $10,000.00

Bar purchase loan:  $165,000.00

Purchase of building and business:  $1,450,000.00

Vendor loan:  $10,000.00

Vendor loan for license purchase:  $55,000.00

Home equity loan:  $465,000.00

Bar loan and home equity:  $250,000.00

Vendor loan for construction:  $40,000.00

Vendor loan for taxes:  $15,500.00


Many of our lenders are ready to make loans against the equity of the net value of your liquor license.  These funds can be used for taxes, construction, advertising or any other business use.


Interest rates are getting better.  Call us to see if you can re-finance at a better rate.



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