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Practice Areas



We concentrate our practice in all aspects of Pennsylvania liquor law and licensing by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), from purchasing a license for your business to transferring the license into your name and location, to annual license renewals, changes in business structure, non-renewals, citations from the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement, nuisance bar actions, and all other matters relating to your license.  We deal with all types of licenses, from Restaurant Liquor ("R"), Eating Place Retail Dispenser ("E"), Club ("C"), Catering Club ("CC"), Hotel ("H"), Distributor ("D"), Public Venue ("PV") and all other types of licenses.




​We can represent you in the sale or purchase of real estate, deeds, mortgages, deed restrictions, title issues, judgments and liens, and loan financing. 




We have over a quarter-century of experience in civil litigation (lawsuits), representing both plaintiffs and defendants, ranging from breaches of contract, minority shareholders' actions, and personal injury.  If you need to sue, we can prosecute your claim.  If you have been sued in a lawsuit, we can defend you.  We have gone against some of the biggest law firms and insurance companies in the state, and have been successful in winning verdicts and settlements while keeping our fees reasonable and affordable for our clients.   



We can handle the formation of your new business entity, whether it be a Corporation, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Fictitious Name registration.  We assist you in obtaining your Business Licenses and getting you on the road to success.  We can also assist you in choosing your tradename and business concept, developing your business model, and marketing your new enterprise.  We also do Copyrights and Trademarks.



Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic increase in instances of denial of coverage by insurance companies when an insured makes a claim.  Reasons for denial range from exclusion in the policy (liquor liability exclusion, assault and battery exclusion, firearms exclusion, misrepresentation in the application process).  This results in the insured being left uncovered by insurance in a lawsuit.  We have been very successful in suing the insurance company to make them defend the insured and even pay the claim.




We deal with all types of business contracts, from Agreements of Sale, Leases, Buy/Sell Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Franchise Agreements, and others.​

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